Income in retirement less than minimum wage, says LV

Developing a decent income in retirement is increasingly challenging. This report from LV gives a real insight into how retirees are coping (or not) and what the 50+ age group perceives about retirement. The report makes grim reading, but knowing what’s down the line ahead of time enables us to do something about our own situation. Rod offers tips and ideas to do better. More…

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Bank base rate could rise next Spring!

The Bank of England, which sets bank base rates, could raise interest rates as early as spring 2015. Committee member Martin Weale has suggested rates may rise before the next general election. What are the reasons for his comments? And what may help to keep rates low? Rod Thomas adds to the debate.
While interest rates have remained at their record low of 0.5% since March 2009, encouraging economic data has raised questions about when the Bank will begin to change course. More…

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