Retirement questions? Investment or pension questions?

The world of retirement, investment and pensions is both complex and far reaching. Many people have many unanswered questions. If you are one of them, complete the form below and I’ll be pleased to reply.

Retirement questions
Ask Rod Thomas retirement questions

Retirement questions?

Your question can be on any aspect of retirement. Before, during or after retirement has arrived.

Investment questions?

Wondering how to structure a portfolio? Not sure of how much risk to take? Whatever your investment question then feel free to ask.

Pension questions?

The world of pensions is complex. Whilst I’m not a regulated pensions advisor I’m a Chartered Accountant of 32 years standing and have recently written a book called ‘The Pensions Disaster and how to plan for a secure retirement”. I am passionate about the poor returns that pensions have delivered for many people – both before and after retirement. What do you need to know?


I am not regulated or authorised by either the Financial Conduct Authority or the Institute of Chartered Accountants to provide financial or pensions advice. My replies will either be factual or my opinion. Where I present an opinion it is not to be construed as personal advice. For that I refer you to an appropriate professional who is authorised and regulated.


If you submit a question, both it and my reply become the copyright of ‘Your Prosperous Retirement’. The question and answer may be published on the blog. However, no personally identifiable data will be used and names will be changed.

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