The Pensions Disaster And How To Plan For A Secure Retirement

pensions disaster
The Pensions Disaster and how to plan for a secure retirement

The Pensions Disaster is real! Are you are saving for retirement? Then you are probably one of the millions of people who share an uncomfortable and uncertain future. Why? Because the income you were expecting has failed to materialise, or is now looking very unpredictable.

In this revealing and thought-provoking book, author Rod Thomas FCA explores the pensions disaster, questions the financial services sector and reveals a new approach to pension and retirement planning.


‘The Pensions Disaster and how to plan for a secure retirement’ will show you:

  • The ten reasons your current pension strategy is failing;
  • How to take control and improve your pension performance
  • The eleven factors to consider when designing your ‘perfect’ pension
  • The one thing you must do right away with frozen or underperforming pensions
  • Eight steps to a fulfilling retirement
  • And much, much more!

What have readers said about ‘The Pensions Disaster?

“Pensions” and “riveting” don’t sit commonly together in a normal sentence, but Rod hasn’t written a normal book on pensions. This is an urgent book on one of life’s most important subjects – that is, if you really want a ‘life’ after retirement and a bright future.”

Mr N A Mackee

“Eye opening information, valuable to anyone planning their retirement, and wishing to get the best results from their savings. Very good value.”

Mrs C P Reinhofer

“Read the book. Got the SIPP got rid of the standard pension. HAPPY DAY. Should have had this years ago!”


‘The Pensions Disaster’ is published at £14.99, but is currently available on Amazon at a discounted price. It is available either as a printed book or a Kindle version.