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Avantis Wealth on Slideshare

A selection of Avantis Wealth Special Reports are now available on Slide Share. These reports, written by Rod Thomas FCA, contain a wealth of information which may help you make an informed decision regarding your pension plans.   Road Map for a Richer Retirement The Big Question Ten Strategies For A Richer Retirement Residential Development Romania Investment QROPS […]


Property and the F.R.E.S.H investment strategy

Property investment has many benefits if you are planning for retirement. However there are also dangers that can lead to disappointing performance unless the challenges are recognised and allowed for during acquisition.

In this article I explore why property investment presents such a good investment choice for retirement planning. You’ll also understand the F.R.E.S.H investment strategy, developed as a simple but effective approach for investment in property, whether you choose to invest directly or within a regulated pension scheme.


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How long will you live in retirement? Life expectancy examined

Knowing how long you will live might help you plan your retirement better. Or you might now want to know! Rod Thomas explores the pro’s and con’s of knowing your life expectancy. And then experiments by evaluating different online calculators. Join the debate and check your own life expectancy. Then share your thoughts with our members.


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Income in retirement less than minimum wage, says LV

Developing a decent income in retirement is increasingly challenging. This report from LV gives a real insight into how retirees are coping (or not) and what the 50+ age group perceives about retirement. The report makes grim reading, but knowing what’s down the line ahead of time enables us to do something about our own situation. Rod offers tips and ideas to do better.


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Ten strategies for a prosperous retirement

We all dream of a prosperous retirement but a significant percentage of us arrive at retirement age and feel unhappy that our income is not what we wanted it to be. Unfortunate events may throw us off course. Read this article and consider the ten important strategies that can help you plan and achieve the prosperous retirement that you want.


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Four stages of retirement

Making sure we have a happy and prosperous retirement is not down to luck. We can do much to influence and design our own future. In this article Rod Thomas discusses the four life stages of retirement: changeover, flow, contemplation and completion. You’ll find out what each means, how to benefit from each stage and the questions to ask to develop key elements of your own retirement plan.


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Pension problems can ruin your retirement – how to do better – Podcast #1

The pension marketplace is in crisis. Barely a week goes by without another front page newspaper headline featuring yet another issue that is killing our retirement. In this podcast we look at the nine underlying problems faced by many people trying to build a decent pension. And in getting under the skin of how pensions tick, we start to get a picture of what could be a more productive approach.


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Richer Retirement – your personal roadmap

SPECIAL REPORT FOR DOWNLOAD. Ready for a Richer Retirement? Maybe your pension is frozen or underperforming? Are you off-track for the retirement you want? This Special Report is a starting point for analysing where you are now, then identifying the most important factors for getting to where you want to be. Download the Special Report now.


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